Every Thrill Has A Little Price Attached To It.

Imagine that you are boating with a couple of friends and a massive snake appears out of the blue, naturally one would try to get away from that snake but when these boaters were put in a similar situation they did something very different.

The footage shows that a couple of fisher courageously grabbed the tail of anaconda and tried to pull it out of the river.

When boating down the Santamaria river in the southwestern state of Grosso do sul, Brazil the married couple of Betinho borges and Sirlie Oliveria along with a friend Rodrigo Santos came across a 17 feet long yellow anaconda who was feasting on a pray.

Rather than turning away from danger, like most people would do. These three went in pursuit of this large predator. The three first tried prodding it with a stick, after that Santos did the unthinkable and grabbed the snake by its tail and dragged it along the river, while it was clear that the snake wanted to escape.

The group continuously teased the snake and pulled it by its tale relentlessly, while it was quite obvious that the snake was quite displeased about the whole scenario, while this little stunt went viral on social media as people enjoyed this little gig, everyone involved had to pay a hefty fine.

According to an environmental law in Brail it is illegal to chase or hunt down an animal and the three boaters could face up to a year and a half in prison. The three boaters have claimed that they were not aware of the fact that they were potentially committing a crime.

“The animal’s place is to be quiet in nature and the men’s place is to be quiet in his corner, each one playing its role in the environment” is the statement delivered by Major Edmilson Queiroz, a officer of the states environmental police as he gave his views on the incident.

Source: providr

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