Why Everyone Is Talking About This 69 Year Old Mother From Phillipines?

Recently an elderly mother of 69 years old named Julieta Lorenzo became the talk of social media and her story was later on covered by a TV channel as well.

When Julieta went to the Development Bank of the Philippines in the Roxas City carrying her 30 year old daughter, Mary Jane on her back; it caught everyone’s attention. Many people even offered her to carry her daughter but the mother said it that she doesn’t want anyone else to carry her daughter.

Source: Gilbred Cargason Alsagon Jr. (Facebook)

Gilbred Cargason Alsagon Jr who was present at the bank with her mother also went to help the mother and daughter but as he had his own mother to look after, so he couldn’t do so. Instead he took photos and videos of the mother-daughter duo and decided to post it online.

And that’s what he did and within minutes the pictures and the video went viral on the internet.

The story of the mother and daughter became so famous on the internet that a local TV channel also decided to track them. The channel went to interview them and got to know that her daughter is paralyzed and is also unable to speak since she was three years old.

Julieta told to the channel’s representatives that they have been living in this home for 25 years and she never let Mary Jane get away from her sight because she is afraid someone will molest or rape her because is paralyzed.

The mother also added she went to the bank to collect her monthly pension is P2,000 ($39.85).

Source: Gilbred Cargason Alsagon Jr. (via ABS-CBN News Online)

It is clear that Julieta doesn’t have enough money for the treatment of her daughter but still she has managed to take care of her and Mary Jane seemed to be in good health.

This story indeed proves that mothers can go to any length for the safety and welfare of her children.

We are hoping that people who are blessed with financial wealth and power help this mother and daughter in the form of donations.

Source: elitereaders

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