Everyone Will Be Able To See Netflix Library Very Soon!

Who wouldn’t agree to it that Netflix is indeed one of the greatest guilty pleasures in life? It fulfills all our binge watching addictions and almost all the shows, movies and documentaries available on the streaming services are really good.

Although American Netflix users get to watch all their favorite shows and movies on the streaming services but things aren’t all hunky dory for the international fans users of Netflix. For instance, shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The West Wing and The Office US are not available in the UK.

Well if everything goes well according to the plan, so very soon all European residents will be able to watch shows and movies from other countries as well.

So if you are in UK and have watched all the shows and movies from your own country; so you will be able to watch content from US or other countries too. Isn’t that amazing?

Previously it was not possible due to some reasons but now the European Union realized that customers should be given an opportunity to enjoy content from other countries as well and shouldn’t be relegated to viewing content from their own country only.

Another reason of legalizing this decision is that EU has also found out majority of people now prefer such services to watch TV shows and movies and avoid purchasing CDs or DVDs of movies or TV Shows.

Well someone once said well that dreams do come true.

Source: viralthread

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