These Exercises Have Been Proved To Restore Your Eye Sight!

It is true that with age, our eye sight gradually decreases. So today we have compiled a list of easy eye exercises that had been proved to fully restore your eye sight.

1.Close your eyes for few minutes after 2-3 hours.

2.In the picture below, there are 16 exercises that you can do to give your eyes a workout.

3.If you wear glasses. Then take them off often for few minutes after every 2-3 hours.

4.Use the following exercise for your eyes by massaging with the help of gentle circular motions. Move through point 1 to 6 in the picture below.

5.When you go out for a walk in an open environment then try to look into the distance as far as you can.

6.Eat carrots or drink carrot juice as much as you can.

7.When you feel tiredness in your eyes, do wash them with warm water.

8.Make sure not to look into a computer screen, laptop, tablet or cellphone at least for 2 hours before going to bed.

9.Also try the following Indian Trataka exercise for your eyes. This exercise can help your eyes and mind in order to stay focused. Sit in front of an object that doesn’t move and focus your eyes and all your attention on the object for few minutes. Do not blink as well!

Source : brightside

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