Fiona The Premature Baby Hippo Is Progressing Against All Odds.

Something’s in life are better when that take their time and follow its course. One of those things is the duration of a baby’s birth. A premature baby is not the most delightful of things. It can be complicated and often result in death.

Just think for a second that how dangerous it must be if it happens to a hippo but we live in an age where zoos are filled with experts who are willing to donate time for the animals

Cincinnati zoo is the place where a baby hippo, Fiona was born 6 weeks before the due date, and now is getting full attention of the workers there

Her mom’s due date was not until march and now the mother wasn’t strong enough to take care of the baby, so the staff has been bottle feeding Fiona. The milk is mixed with supplements to help the baby grow

The people at the zoo are trying to keep everyone up to date through social media

She is learning to breathing by lying on her caregiver’s chest and learn the rhythm as her lungs are not strong enough

She is failing to hold her breath under water as her lungs are not strong enough. This action is called Diver reflex

She is progressing well as the zoo continue to share her progress

Source: diply

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