Fisherman Tells Businessman What’s Important In Life

We have to realize one thing that every wish doesn’t come true and maybe this is the main thing about life but some of us blame only life but don’t work for our dreams and that is the place we lose it

A fishing village in southern village is the place where a certain business man went on a vacation. As he saw a a young fisher man catching some fish

As the fisher man was about to leave the businessmen asked him that why isn’t he catching more fish? To which he replied that he has cached enough fish to feed his family

The business man then asked him that what he does with his free time

The fishermen said “I sleep late, play with my children, watch ball games. In the evening he I take a stroll in the village, see my friends and play the guitar…”

The businessman then told the fisher man that he has an MBA from Harvard and he would like to help that fisher man. He gave him some blueprints that how he can expand his business and move to Mexico or even to America and expand his business even more

The fisherman was taken by all this and said “That how much time would all of this take.”

 “15 to 20 years” he was told by the businessman. Then the fisherman asked that “what will be the outcome to all this.” To which the business man replied that: “You can make your company public and make millions”.

Millions? The fisherman couldn’t believe his ears

The businessman said ““You could sleep late, play with your grandchildren, watch ball games. In the evening you can take a stroll in the village, see your friends and play the guitar and sing all day…”

The lesson of this little story is that you should always follow your heart and not go after things that will just destroy your life. If you are after a peaceful life and already have it then don’t destroy it, just make the moment count.

Source: elitereaders

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