French Inventor Is Selling Pills That Make Farts Smell Nice of Roze

The French company Lutin Matin claims it has invented a pill that can make smells beautiful.

Yes, we all know someone who could use it, right? By the way, if you are blue, thinking “in fact, I do not know anyone” – it’s you, comrade.

However, the tablets have been developed by an inventor named Christian Poinchevall, based in the western French city of Geswehr, and claims to be able to turn your scented gas into a wonderful scent of chocolate or roses.

Yes, this anal alchemist, in fact, thinks he can calm the smell like roses.

Credit: Madeline Malin

In fact, he has been in that since 2007, according to the company’s official website, called Lutin Malin (it’s Canning Imp, en Anglais).

They argue that the pill is completely natural, there is no medicine or medicine in it. Just a “nutritional supplement based on natural ingredients” that will make your scent smell good.

Huge, if it’s true.

“Our numerous return customers are no doubt the best proof.”

Credit: Madeline Malin

If you give fancy this product for cleansing butter, then go to the website – or Amazon, as it happens – and you can take a 60-patch bag in less than 20 pounds.

There are even some interesting variations, too.

Have you ever wanted your bloating to smell ginger? Can.

There are even some interesting seasonal choices, too.

Christmas chocolate or May Day lily, someone?

It’s not just for people, neither. The site also claims to have some dust that you can use on your dog.

Now it is a request to make. The fingers of dogs are a bane of the existence of every owner.

Credit: Madeline Malin

However, according to Lutin Malin, you can only sprinkle this powder on their foods and their regular rank-out will be replaced with a wonderful scent of spring flowers.

A few years ago, Poincheval told The Telegraph that his invention was prompted by the necessity for a particularly scrumptious dinner.

He went away. He experimented with ingredients and combinations and eventually settled on a recipe. Now, they really got off.

He continued: “I have all kinds of customers,

“Some people buy them because they have problems with bloating, and some buy them as a joke to send their friends. Christmas always sees sales growth.”

Why wait until then?

Featured picture loan: Lutin Malin

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