A Girl Suffering From Vitiligo Became An Internet Sensation. Do You Know Why?

Vitiligo is a serious and a long term skin condition due to which white patches are visible on different parts of the body. A girl named Ash Soto has been bullied because of Vitiligo since long. Recently she decided to shut the mouths of all the naysayers. She turned her skin condition into a beautiful art work. Soto’s body art work has made her a sudden internet sensation which has motivated Ash Soto to continue to love herself.

Ash Soto was only 12 years old when she noticed signs of the disease all over her body.

Soto began to suffer from low self-esteem as the number of white patches increased all over her body.

Soto revealed that she had been called a ‘cow’ or someone who is suffering from ‘Michael Jackson syndrome’.

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