Gorillas Reunited After Being Separated For Years!

There is a reason why gorillas share 97 percent of human DNA. These animals are extremely genius, warm and jolly.

Gorilla brothers, Kesho and Alf were born at the Dublin Zoo and there is a four year age gap between them. Kesho is the older sibling while Alf is the younger one.

After four years of togetherness, Kesho was shipped off for breeding purposes to the London Zoo. Since then, both the siblings missed spending time with each other.

Some years later, the gorilla siblings were decided to be reunited at the Longleat Safari and Adventure Park. Zookeepers thought that they won’t recognize each other and were prepared for any kind of wrestling matches between the two gorillas.

The opposite happened, both the brothers recognized each other and hugged each other when they saw each other after several years and totally picked off from where they left last time.

The brothers were also reunited with their youngest sibling, Evindi and onlookers were surprised to see the gorillas bonding up so well. Except the staff members, very few knew it that they all were siblings.

The Longleat Safari and Adventure Park has decided to keep these three brothers together till the end of times.

Source : tiphero

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