Grandma From Taiwan Used A Louis Vuitton Bag To Carry Fish!

Recently this funny and adorable story of a grandson and grandma from Taiwan went viral on the internet. The story went viral to the extent that even BBC decided to cover it.

This young man from Taiwan recently posted his story on an anonymous online group where people usually post their confessions while keeping their identities hidden. This young man had no idea that his funny and adorable confession would become the talk of the world.

So what happened that this guy saw his grandma’s bag was on the verge of getting all tattered up. Although her grandma loved her cloth bag and was still quite proud of it.

This guy decided to buy a new bag for her and he bought an expensive Louis Vuitton bag. The branded bag cost him around $1,154 and then he gifted her.

His grandmother loved it and thanked him that she was looking for one such bag since long.

Then one day the guy came back home and saw that his grandma had used the bag for grocery shopping and there was a plastic pack full of milkfish!

The guy was surprised. His grandmother told him that the bag is really good, thick, and sturdy and it also doesn’t leak.

The guy said it was quite funny and adorable to see his innocent grandma using an expensive branded bag for grocery shopping. Initially he thought to tell her that the bag isn’t for grocery shopping but later decided not to tell her because she was so happy with it.

The guy said he had no clue that his funny anecdote would even catch the attention of BBC News. The young man also said that next time he would accompany her grandma for her grocery shopping and this way he would carry the fish and other such items in plastic bags.


Source : elitereaders

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