Greatest Wedding Surprise By A Dad For His Daughter.

Lisa Getz and Paul had a dream wedding in April 2016 in Philadelphia. They knew it that it’s going to be special and beautiful in every single way. Everything was going according to the plan in the wedding and exactly the way Lisa and Paul wanted it to be. One thing that they had no idea about was that a great surprise was waiting for them – courtesy of Lisa’s charming father.

The only person who was aware about the surprise was obviously the father of the bride, Dave. Except him nobody had any idea about the surprise. Once his speech was over, Dave asked Lisa for the routine father-daughter dance. Just as the dance was about to begin, everyone got a huge surprise in the form of a superstar wedding crasher.

The surprise came out minutes later when the music started to play. Lisa being a die-hard country music fan picked up Country Superstar Tim McGraw’s song ‘My Little Girl’ for the dance.

Dave, the father of bride kept her daughter’s back to the stage at the start so she couldn’t see it but the minute she turned and saw who was on the stage she got the surprise of her life.

Lisa was beyond ecstatic to see her Country Music Idol on stage singing her favorite song live on her wedding.

Lisa was the first one to notice that a Country legend was her wedding singer. On the other side, the guests were so focused on the daughter-father dance that they didn’t pay attention to the wedding singer. Minutes later when the guests realized it, everyone was beyond excited and couldn’t believe what was happening.

Lisa says that she will never forget her wedding night surprise. Now who wants a dad like Lisa’s? Honestly all of us.

The video of the dance was so amusing that it went viral the minute it hit the internet.

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