A Homeless Man Was Given A Makeover. Minutes Later.. He Couldn’t Even Recognize Himself!

Before the makeover he asked the hairstylists to look his old self in the mirror for one last time.

Source: Facebook/ La Salvajeria

When the makeover session began, it was visible that he was extremely excited for his transformation.

Source: Facebook/La Salvajeria

When the makeover was done and he was finally allowed to see himself in the mirror. Jose couldn’t believe what he saw.

Jose Antonio was completely surprised to see his drastic transformation and couldn’t even recognize the person he was seeing in the mirror.

Now people who reside in the area of Majorca can’t even recognize Jose or ‘Josete’ as they like to call him.

The story doesn’t end here. According to the hair salon owner Jose has received financial assistance from an unknown donor through which he managed to rent a shared apartment and now is looking for a permanent job.

Is it just us or he does resemble to Hugh Jackman now?

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