Hugh Jackman’s Fight With Cancer Continues..

Hugh Jackman has remained one of the most bankable stars of Hollywood and his new movie ‘Logan’ off the Wolverine franchise is soon to hit the theaters.

Although Hugh Jackman can be seen fighting against the evil in his movies but in his real life the actor is fighting from a disease and the fight is still not over.

Back in 2013, when Hugh Jackman was shooting for X-Men: Days of Future Past, he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma which is a non-melanoma form of skin cancer. Since the diagnosis, the actor has had around five operations to get rid of skin cancer.

Since then the actor has been fighting from cancer while continuing his acting career.

Recently the hunky actor revealed via an Instagram post that his fight with cancer has continued over the years. The actor urged his 10 million followers on Instagram to keep getting checked from the doctors in order to stay away from this deadly disease.

In the Instagram post, the actor revealed that recently he has had his sixth carcinoma removed. In the post, a bandage is clearly visible on his nose.

A basal cell carcinoma is one of the common types of skin cancer which is more common in fair skinned men who are habitual of getting tanned in the sun.

The actor’s next release off the Wolverine franchise ‘Logan’ will hit the theaters in the summer which is the last movie off the franchise. The actor has also revealed recently that the movie’s shooting is complete.

Source: viralthread

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