If You Have One Of These 11 Traits, Then There Are More Chances Of You Having Twins!

I know to some people the thought of twins may frighten them because they find it too much work. But isn’t it double the fun? Double the cuteness?

So keeping the importance of twins in mind today we have decided to tell you if could have twins too? Yes. Read these following traits carefully, if you have any of these traits then there are more chances of you having twins in future. Good luck!

1. A study published by American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed that taller women usually have twins. For instance the average height of a woman is 5.4, so if you have an above average height so that means you have more chances of having twins.

2. Similarly another research revealed that African-American women are more likely to have twins than women belonging to other races.

3. Although birth control pills are to control pregnancy and in very rare cases they fail to do so at times. It has also happened in rare cases that birth control pills led to double pregnancies i.e. twins.

4. Another study also added that normally plus sized women have more chances of having twins.

5. It runs in the family. A research said that there are more chances of having twins if you were a twin yourself.

6. It had also been revealed that older women are more likely to have twins as compared to younger mothers. The study further added that 20 percent of mothers over the ages of 45 had twins.

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