If You Want To Stay Healthy. Don’t Wash Your Chicken

Science has been telling us for years that we have to wash our chicken before cooking it but there has been a new discovery which suggests that one should never wash their chicken before cooking it

Leave the chicken dirty

More than 3000 people in the USA die from disease that are food related, reveals a report issued by center for disease control and prevention.

The worst thing you can do is wash your chicken if you really want to clean it. The chicken is loaded with campy lob aster bacteria that causes food poisoning

These kind of bacteria are mostly found in meat and poultry and spread even more when you wash the meat. They might even splash on some of the other parts of the kitchen as well when we try to wash it. A few of these bacteria can cause food poisoning.

How to clean your chicken

1.Refrigerate your Chicken

Keeping chicken in the ice chest executes of these microscopic organisms. Continuously put chicken at the base of the fridge. Any juice that tumbles off from the meat will contain these microscopic organisms. It will defile any sustenance it falls upon.

2.Wash Used Utensils

Be cautious with the chicken. Take uncommon care to wash everything that comes into contact with crude chicken.

3.Warm Kills Bacteria

Continuously cook your chicken completely. To make sure that there are no microorganisms in your sustenance cook to at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Source : tapoos

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