Indian King Bought 6 Rolls Royce To Collect Garbage In The City. Why He Did It? The Reason Is Pretty Shocking!

It has happened to a lot of people that we went to purchase something at a shop and the snooty and arrogant salesperson looked at us and wonder if we could really purchase that.

Although it is wrong on so many levels but people still judge a book by its cover.

When the same thing happened to Jai Singh, Maharaja of Alwar in Rajasthan; the king did something so incredible which will surprise you all and it is a great lesson for all of us that never judge someone over his or her appearance.

Back in 1920, when the Maharaja was in London and decided to visit a Rolls Royce showroom in his normal and everyday clothes. The people at the showroom refused to give him the price detail of the cars and was asked to leave.

The king returned to his hotel, informed his servants that he is interested in purchasing six Rolls Royce cars. He went back to the showroom this time in his kingly attire and was treated very nicely at the showroom. He purchased six cars, paid in cash and all other shipment costs on the spot.

When the cars arrived in India, the Maharaja asked his servants to use the cars to pick trash from the city. This one move dropped down the value and price of Rolls Royce in India and all around the world.The people at Rolls Royce realized their mistake and sent an apology to the king via a telegram and offered six more cars totally free of cost. The king accepted the offer and asked his servants to stop using Rolls Royce to pick the garbage. The king also told one thing to the people at Rolls Royce that never judge a book by its cover.We are sure that they still remember this lesson taught by Maharaja Jai Singh from Rajasthan.

Source : elitereaders

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