The Two Turtles From Rocky Are Now 44 Years Old That’s Amazing

Sylvester Stallone has in touch with his two mates from the original Rocky. introducing turtle facts with my original associates from the first Rocky named CUFF and LINK, now about 44 years old!

He posted to Instagram, Photo is going viral this week, being covered by main media outlets considering that Veteran movie star actually posted it a year ago.

Turtle facts
                                                    @Instagram Sylvester Introducing Turtle facts

“Cuff and Link are still alive and this is the happiest news I have heard this entire year,” @NLMcbus tweeted perhaps in honor of World Turtle Day, which is on May 23. It may appear to some person strange and it is also a truth that it is really strange.

turtle facts

The female turtles are living with their real-life pet store owner who has retained them all these years, according to the website of the enduring boxer franchise will recall how audiences were first introduced to the duo. They think it will motivate others to do such type of kindness.

people know Pet turtles for their long lifespans, with some living to over 100 years, but perhaps for Cuff and Link, it’s less their heredities and more the dream of the fight and Human can learn from them.

In the movie, Rocky Balboa would go to the Tropical Fish pet store to get food and other items for his two pet turtles, Cuff and Link. It was there that a budding romance with Adrian Pennino, who was working at the shop, would begin.

Turtle Facts

The turtles gave him a good excuse to visit and ended up being away for the two to bond. Eventually, their love would grow into something real and would move beyond the pet shop – all thanks to the two aquatic pets that helped to open the door to the romance.

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