It’s Been Two Hundred Years Since This Has Happened, A Birth Of A Baby Bison Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle.

We see miracles every day but we have to agree that birth is the biggest miracles of them all, it’s even bigger when someone is trying and failing and it seems that all hope is gone but suddenly they are gifted with a beautiful child. In this case the birth is not of a human but a wild bison baby and the circumstances make it even more miraculous

30 of the were pregnant but none of them were due to given birth until may but one man spotted the calf while the director was giving a tour of the project. People were about to witness something that didn’t occur for the past 2 centuries

“From a historical standpoint, thіѕ hаѕn’t hарреned in Illіnоіѕ іn аbоut 200 уеаrѕ,” hе said.

The last time someone spotted a near the Mississippi river was around the 1830s. Most of the Bison were killed because of spot hunting and mass slaughtering.

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