A Jewish Photographer Buried These Photos In Order To Save It From The Nazis

It was the chilly winter season of the year 1944 and the Holocaust movement was also at its peak. A Jewish photographer Henryk Ross who was from Poland used to work as a news and sports photographer before the German invaded his city in the year 1939.

When the Holocaust was at its height, the photographer buried a box full of photographs in the ground so that Nazis couldn’t find them. After more than a year, he came to unearth the photos. Today we have decided to reveal some of those photographs

1.Picture taken in 1940 of a man who saved the Torah from the rubble of the Synagogue on Wolborksa Street.

2.Picture of a couple. The picture must be from 1940-1944.

3.A boy searching for food. (1940-1944).

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