Jose Mujica From Uruguay Is The World’s Most Generous President Ever!

Many has dubbed ‘Jose Mujica’ as the world’s poorest President ever because of his generous and humble lifestyle. He worked as the country’s President from 2010 to 2015 and won the hearts of people for his unique ways.

He used to donate his 90 percent of $12,000 a month salary to charities. Thousands of people have benefited because of Mujica’s generosity and have nothing but kind words for this humble and kind man.

He is unlike any of the President that the world had seen. He used to come for meetings wearing simple clothes and shoes.

Decades ago before entering politics, Mujica worked as a Tupamaros guerilla fighter and would gun clubs, bad banks and other such places with his team mates and then would give all the money to the poor people. He had faced jail twice for 14 years. He and his group was known as ‘Robin Hoods’ among the poor people.

Mujica is also a part time farmer, planting flowers and vegetables in his farm and then selling it to the public.

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