Do You Know Boiled Potatoes Can Light A Room Up To 40 Days?

You can never go wrong with a potato. Whether you use potatoes for French fries or use them with any cuisine, a potato will hardly disappoint you.

Potatoes are also known for their nutritious value but do you know that boiled potatoes also have the potential to light up a room for over 40 days?

Recently Professor Haim Rabinowitch who is a member of the Science and Agriculture Faculty of Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professor Haim along with his team found an amazing way to use potatoes as an energy source.

The thing is alone a potato can’t do the job. You also need two metal rods to attach with the potato to make it work.

So all the things that you need to light up your room for 40 days using a potatoes includes some potatoes, two pieces of metal rods one has to be positively charged such as copper and the other one has to be negatively charged such as zinc and alligator chips.

Watch the video to learn how one can light up a room using potatoes and metallic rods.

Source : elitereaders

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