Life Is No Fairy Tale And This Real Life “Beauty And The Beast” Story Proves It

Beauty and the beast is a beautiful story on how looks don’t really matter and how love prevails very time but sometimes all of this is just a lie and the real beauty and the beast story is the proof

Pedro Gonzales was the beast in this story who grew up in Spain with thick hairs all over his body and was called a Wildman.

He was given as a gift to King Henry ll to on his coronation and was kept in the dungeon of the castle.

A picture of Pedro

After a few experiments it was revealed that he was just a 10 year old boy with hair all over his body, it is called congenital hypertrichosis now a days. It is a very rare condition and is also known as the werewolf syndrome.

At that time people with weird conditions were treated as a prized possession so King Henry ll educated Pedro. He was a fast both of them settled down and lived a peaceful life. Learner and mastered 3 languages and also got a position in the court.

He was a noble man

After the death of Henry ll the queen decided to see if Pedro’s children would have the same genetics and married him to a beautiful girl name Catherine. Reportedly he was spied upon during his first night with his wife.

The women fell in love with the beast and they had 7 children together. 5 sons and 1 daughter. The first two children were not affected by the syndrome but the remaining kids had the same syndrome

Out of 7 kids, 5 kids had the wolf syndrome

The couple decided to live in Spain and did so but the help of Duke of Parma.  His children were gifted to other nobles as gifts. His daughter was a bit of a play thing of the duke’s mistress. They were sad that their children were treated like objects but they had no power to stop them.

Pedro died in 1918 and Catherine died on 1923. It is just sad that a man was denied an anointment just because he had a deisies and that after all those years he was just treated like an animal.

Some stories don’t have the perfect ending

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