Little Boy With No Money Bought An Expensive Doll For His Baby Sister Using Only 4 Seashells

An adorable incident got recently viral on social media when a shop keeper decided to reveal what he witnessed at his shop recently.

The shop keeper revealed that recently he saw the cutest little siblings in his entire life. He added that what happened inspired him and he was deeply touched that how responsible the 6 year old seemed to look.

Well what happened was that a 6 year old brother with his 4 year old sister was coming from the beach. They were on their way to home that at one point the big brother noticed that his sister has lagged behind and found her looking at something.

When he went back, so he saw that his baby sister was looking at a doll with deep interest. The little girl told his brother that she wants the doll.

The brother took his sister inside the shop and asked the shop keeper that what is the price of the doll?

The shop keeper recalls that the brother was being very protective of his little sister and was very responsible towards her.

The shop keeper then asked him that what he can give him instead of the doll? The boy quickly took out a bunch of sea shells that he must have picked out at the beach earlier in the day. When the shop keeper was counting the sea shells as if it was currency notes, so the little boy asked him in a worried tone that if the sea shells are enough?

To that the shop keeper smiled and told him that they are a lot and kept just 4 of the seashells and decided to give away the rest of the shells to the boy. The boy was extremely to have the remaining 5-6 seashells back and put them in his pocket and gave the doll to his sister.

The shop keeper said that something like that happened for the very first time in his life. Looking at the expressions of the sister and brother, he simply couldn’t refuse.

The little siblings then left the shop with a priceless smile on their faces said the shop keeper.


Source : elitereaders

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