Love is a bond that never breaks Two lovers meet after 30 years and the moment is just the most beautiful thing you will see today.

Love is nothing but passion and artist are filled with just that so you can imagine that when they fall in love its nothing but magic

Marina Abarmovic and her then boyfriend Ulay broke up in the most artistic way possible. They went to the opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and when they met in the middle the hugged each other and just vanished from each other’s life

Marina held a live performance 30 year later and there she saw Ulayagain it was a moment so beautiful that words can’t describe it as they just looked at each other like kids who have finally returned home after a long butterfly chase.

Love is strong and once you fall in love with a person it will probably last a life time and that’s what is amazing about it. It’s pure, simple and strong and this incident is just a beautiful example

Source : elitereaders

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