Lovers Of Valdaro – Pair Of Skeletons Locked In Embrace For Over 6,000 Years!

In today’s time lovers can’t even survive for more than 2 years. The marriages and relationships of the Kardashian clan last for a couple of years or some weeks maximum. On the other side, Britney Spears made a record when her first marriage lasted for 55 hours.

This wasn’t the case back then, in 2007 archeologists made discovered a pair of skeletons which were locked in an embrace from a Neolithic tomb in San Giorgio near Mantua, Italy.

The pair of skeletons were called ‘Lovers of Valdaro’ because of their position. It is said that the couple was in love with each other and died in this positionaround 6,000 years ago.

Archaeologist Elena Maria Menotti was the head of this excavation. Her team revealed some major details of the couple. They said that the pair wasn’t over 20 years of age. Hence, it was a very young couple. The male and female skeleton’s height is around 5.2 (157 cm).

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