Mad Woman Kills 8 Puppies In Front Of Their Mother Just To Make A Statement And Now Is Facing Some Serious Prison Time

A woman form the town Krishangar proved that humans are truly heartless is a heartless. Just because this woman was tired of all the dogs around she killed 8 puppies in front of their mother just to teach the mother (Ammu) a lesson

Ammu is a famous stray dog in its home town

Angered by the fact that Ammu gave birth to 8 puppies in front of her gate she just lost the plot and smashed the heads of the puppies one by one on a rock and brutally killed them as the helpless dog watched.
The woman was arrested by the cops for this crazy act.

Some of the puppies died on the spot and some on the way to the vet

All of the puppies died from the brutal attack

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