This Man Was Frowned Upon Was Saving His Own Life As He Jumped On A Lifeboat When The Titanic Was Sinking

MasabumiHosonoboarded the titanic on the 10th of April 1912 and he had no idea that this moment would haunt him for the rest of his life. He was sent to Russia to research on the state of Russian railway system, from there he went to England and made his way to England.

He was hated for saving his own life

on 14thApiril 1912, he was woken up by a worker on the ship as he went to the deck, he realized that the ship is sinking and started to prepare himself for the inevitable “DEATH” but he found some comfort when he heard and officer shout room for two more on the nearbylife boat.

He was encouraged by a man who jumped before him to make the jump

On his return to japan after some time in New York he was dislike and froned upon for making his way out. He did get his job back as he was a valuable asset and worked at the ministry till death took him away.

After the release of the block buster movie “Titanic” people became more understanding of the fact that everyone on the boat was just looking out for their families and did what they had to do

His family are delighted that Hosono’s honor is restored.

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