Man Gets In Shape Then Gains A Lot Of Weight To Motivate Client To Lose Weight( Click To See Amazing Transformation)

Imagine having weight issues and then fighting it out every day and lose close to a 100 pounds to look amazing then getting fat again on purpose

Sounds crazy right? But this is true in the case of a professional trainer who gained a lot of weight just to help a client.

The man below is a personal trainer named Adonis Hill

As you can see the guy lives an extreme lifestyle and is very serious about his physique but that was not always the case

Instagram | @bodybyadonis

At 25 years of age he weighed almost 310 pounds

Adonis was not happy with his life. One day he felt the need to go out for a walk, these walks turned into jogs and then the road to redemption started

Vimeo | The Lift

Adonis Shredded 100 pounds

He started eating better and started to go to the gym. He is also a personal trainer and I think his story is enough to motivate someone

Instagram | @bodybyadonis

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