Man Helped An Old Man On His Way For An Important Interview Later He Got The Surprise Of His Life!

Jimmy works as a mechanic. He is good at his work but has been unlucky when it comes to securing a permanent full time job.

After waiting for some years, he received a call for a job. He decided to give his best shot. He got ready. He wore a clean dress shirt and pants and decided to reach early for the interview. The interview was at 10 am but he left his home by 8 am.

On his way to the interview, he saw an old man pushing his car. Jimmy decided to help the man. He went to the man, the old man refused to take his help since he was all dressed up. Jimmy told him he has an interview today but since he is a mechanic. He can help him with his car.

Jimmy did his magic on the old man’s car and the car started working. The old man offered him to give lift. Jimmy accepted the offer and reached to his destination.

When he reached to the office, he saw all the other applicants looking clean and fresh. While his shirt and hands were quite dirty.

He also took a sigh of relief when he came to know that the interviewer hasn’t arrived yet and he’s not late.

When the interviewer finally arrived and he started calling all the applicants one by one. Jimmy was sitting in the waiting area and was highly nervous since he was looking like a mess.

When his name was finally called and got inside the room where the interviewer was sitting. The minute he stepped into the room, he found a note with a cup of a coffee. The note said, “Do you really need to be interviewed”.

Jimmy got nervous reading the note because he thought it is because of his rough attire and grease on his hands and shirt.

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