Man Wakes Up From Coma After 12 Years And Says That He Heard Everything That Happened Around Him!

People don’t usually survive after being in a coma, even after all the medical attention they don’t make it.

It’s hard for everyone linked to the patient and the patient himself.

Martin Pistorius who is 24 year old now went in to coma when he was 12 and remained in the “vegetable” state for 12 years. The doctors did everything they could but in the end ran out of options and asked his family to move martin to a permanent care institution

Martin revealed that he was conscious throughout the illness. He added that he is up to date on history as he heard about Dianna’s death and also knows about Mandala’s presidency among other things as well. He heard his care takers sarcastic comments which were really negative and heart shattering.

The biggest regret he has is that he believes that he was robbed and that he couldn’t live out his childhood

He is fully recovered now and is happily married.

Source : elitereaders

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