Man Who Was Missing From The Last 5 Years Is Back And No Has Done Something Out Of The Ordinary

5 years ago a man named Anton was lost and even after great efforts from his family he was nowhere to be found.

But after 5 years a phone call changed their life. They were told that Anton was found in a jungle in Brazil by a cop. He was really hard to recognize as he was dirty and looked like a beggar, but the cop went to great lengths to help him as both of them were from Canada. It was discovered that he walked almost 2 continents with nothing but his clothes

In an interview his brother confessed

I was stunned. I told myself he was dead because that was the only thing I could come up with that explained his absence”

After seeing Anots’s appearance his family were heart broken

“He looked pretty rough the rigors of his journey took a tool on his body and face. He had a lot more hair than the last time I saw him”

Anto’s mental health was getting worse during his time in Brazil

“We got him just in time” his Brother stated

Since then Anto has been on medication

Anton travelled through many countries without really having a passport in hand.

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