This Man Will Teach You How To  Survive In The Woods And Make Tools Using Wood And Stines

There are a lot of thing you can do in the summer and have fun. You can go to the beach have a party and pretend that everything is fine and live on your weak life with no survival life the usual or you can learn tricks that may help you survive in the woods one day.

In the video below the man is telling us how to make compound tools using just wood and stones

No one ever knows what can happen next, may be an Apocalpse may be around the corner and you might need these skills sooner rather than later.

Technology has made us weak and dependable on it. We just freak out if we lose it and after WWlll we might need these skills more than ever.

How to make an Axe

it all may siund as a joke and useless but having the skill set to survive is what you need because you never know what could happen next.

Source : elitereaders

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