Meet This 5 Year Old Feminist ‘Eva’ Who Is Winning Hearts All Over The World!

This five year old little girl is winning accolades all around the world for her strong words and fiery spirit.

This little girl Eva has proved that you are never too young to ask for equal rights. Eva was recently on England’s Channel 4 show, The Secret Lives of 5 Year Olds.

The above starts with Eva talking about some strong ideas and what is really important for girls when they grow up.

The little diva then went on to give a five year old boy, Jude some kickass karate lessons to give him an idea that girls can also do what boys can do.

Eva taught the little boy a lesson that underestimating women is not at all allowed. So far the video has been viewed by 9 million people and the numbers are increasing every passing minute.

In the video, Eva told Jude ‘Boys aren’t better than girls. They are exactly the same.”

In the video then Jude again tried to undermine the power and talent of females saying girls can’t become scientists as “they will make silly potions”. To that Eva added that “I extracted the DNA from a banana once”.

We are sure that the little girl Eva with a big attitude and built-in feminism spirit will do bigger things when she grows up.

At the end of the karate session Jude confessed, “She was very tough and very strong. Like the Hulk”.
Source: aplus

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