Mind Boggling Coincidences That No One Can Explain.

Coincidences are common in life, they happen every day and we don’t even notice them some time but some coincidence have left people baffled as there are no logical expiation to these historical events and these surely these coincidences have left their mark on history


  1. Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy

Surely these 2 are America’s most beloved presidents and surprisingly they share an uncomfortable amount of similarities. Both lived in a time where men were not extravagantly tall but both of them stood at over six feet tall, both of them had served in the army, both carried some kind of genetic diseases. Sadly even there death had a tragic similarity as both of them were shot in the head while sitting next to there wives

  1. Neighbors only a century apart

Jimi Hendrix and George Handle were two very different musicians but arguably were the best of their respective generation or era. If we were blessed enough to see these two in the same era, they would have been neighbors in London, as Hendrix lived at 23 brook street while George lived at 25 brooks street.

  1. Writing reality

14 April 1912 was the date that titanic sank and most of the passengers bid Farwell to the world. The shocking link to this tragedy is that a novelist predicted tis almost 14 years ago. In her novel the ship “TITAN” which had an uncanny similarity to the name of Titanic was also described as unsinkable, were very similar in length and had a shortage of life boats. To add to that even titan struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic just like titanic

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