Miracles Do Exist Baby Born With A Brain Survives.

Who said miracles don’t happen in real life. Of course they do happen and this story of a 5 year old boy named Noah is a living proof of it.

Mother of Noah, Shelly was only three months pregnant with Noah when she was informed by the doctors that her yet-to-be-born baby has a condition called spina bifida means he doesn’t have a proper development of the spinal cord. If that wasn’t enough for the pregnant mother. She got more devastated when the doctors informed her the baby won’t have a brain as the baby also has hydrocephalus which has damaged the baby’s brain.

Parents of Noah, Rob and Shelly were devastated to say the least when doctors even went as far as to inform them that the baby won’t survive much and they should prepare a casket too. The doctors added that if the baby survives, he will live as a disabled person.


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