Mobile speed cameras are on the way to catch you using phone while driving

New technology walks in to capture individuals using mobile phones while driving.

Speed cameras are now capable of detaining the persons risking their lives and violating the traffic rules by using mobile phones. When walking into the 21st century the first priority of humans is to use technology to make their lives safer day by day. The development in Artificial intelligence and information technology is creating ease in people’s lives. Astonishing development of speed cameras is cherished by the people all around the state.

Yet, it is said that the person caught on speed camera using a cell phone while driving will initially be spared punishment during the three-month grace period which will see them receive a warning letter only. That’s great news for the peeps who are not aware of this technology yet, and get caught for the first time.

The transport minister Andrew says that the technology of targeting cell phones via mount trailer-mounted cameras will be spread all over the state on the 1st December.

“Driving with cell phones in hand is no less than driving unconsciously, it is a killer act for sure” says Mr. Constance to a reporter.

Surely, it is of no doubt that a person using mobile phones while driving can get themselves killed in no time. A ride using the cell phone constantly is certainly a death ride.

This great initiative by the government is sparking light on safe driving all over the state. The purpose of this initiative is that people understand the dilemma and change their behavior. Making people aware of the causalities of using cell phones while driving is the main aim of setting up speed cameras. Giving a warning letter is just not enough, people need to understand this rather ignoring it.

  •  What are the Penalties? 

A six months trial of speed camera caught 100,000 drivers which is not a small number. It clearly concludes that most of the people are violating traffic laws.

In a situation where drivers caught using mobile phones in a school zone, they will be fined $344-$457 if they’ve once received the warning letter.

  • Conclusion

Its quite debatable that what is the point of using cellphones when you have Bluetooth technology, you can receive a call using that, what is more, important than this while driving. Not playing games for sure.

These speed cameras will be a core reason for preventing accidents of drivers while using cell phones.

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