Multiple Plastic Surgeries Killed A Woman From Philippines

Plastic surgeries killed a woman. Yes. You read that right.

A business woman from Philippines died undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries. Shiryl Saturnino was a 29 year old businesswoman who wanted to look better. Although she was already quite good looking but her desire to look even better took her life.

It is being said that the woman was undergoing 3 different cosmetic procedures at the same time such as liposuction, breast enhancement and butt enhancement surgery.

Doctors tried their level best to save the young woman but they all failed and they woman was declared dead by 3.21 am.

The family members of the young business woman, Shiryl Saturnino decided to intervene police into the matter. Police said that they will look into the matter to know as if doctors’ negligence took the life of Ms. Shiryl.

In the midst of the operation doctors got shocked to see that her heart wasn’t beating anymore.

The doctors also tried to save her by opting for mouth to mouth resuscitation but nothing worked out.

The doctors also tried to take her to another hospital but she was pronounced dead before they could take her somewhere else. The representatives of the cosmetic surgery clinic said that they would fully cooperate during the investigations.

Currently the authorities and the family members of the young woman are waiting for the autopsy results to know the actual reason of the untimely death of Ms. Shirtyl’s death.

Source : elitereaders

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