Myths That Are Total Lies.

People tend to believe in myths a lot myths travel faster then fire in a forest and fool people. Sometimes people believe anything they hear and implement it on their daily lives without thinking of the consequences involved.

  1. Fish only grow to the size of the tank you put them in

Whenever I asked my father that why my fish doesn’t grow bigger he always heard the same reply “Your tank isn’t big enough kiddo”

Well this is not the case the biggest cause of your fish not growing is the hygiene of the tank and that just one of the things that growth of a fish depends on, there are many factors such as  nitrates, pheromones, diet, genetics, and water quality.

  1. Deoxygenated blood is blue, that’s why veins are also blue.

I have always wondered that why my veins appear green and shockingly my science teachers always told me because they carry “de oxidized blood is blue and that’s why the veins are also blue”

Well that is not the case veins appear blue because of their location under the skin and because the only wave length that is reflected back are red and blue.

  1. Columbus was first to discover America

The subject of history is filled up with myths and this is no difference. Before Columbus Vikings discovered the land 400 years ago. Archeologist have solid evidence that before Columbus Vikings invaded the land.

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