Nanny Gives Part Of Her Liver to 16-Month-Old Girl She Cares For

Well every day we hear about bad stuff. The war in people for Palestine are getting butchered or the war in Afghanistan or the attacks on Paris, Turkey, Pakistan and the list goes on but the one thing that keeps us moving through all of this are the little things that make us believe.

This baby sitter named Kiersten Miles, a 22 year old girl from New Jersey was babysitting a 16 month Talia Rosko for 3 weeks when she found out that the kid had a fatal liver problem and has months to live

She was hired in 2016

After she found out about this she went on the internet and searched for solution and eventually found out that a liver transplant can save the kids life. So she filled up the paper work and if they are a match, things could move forward.

Talias parent said

“This is very serious, this is not like donating blood, I was very taken back. I didn’t know that she was this selfless- I have come to find out that this is who she is”

The surgery was a success and all of this over whelmed the Kiersten

“I don’t know if it was emotion building up over time, but I asked one of the surgeons that If I could see Talia and he said I could see her in the next couple of days and he said that she is doing very well and as soon as he left I started bawling”

After the 14 hour operation

Talia was happy that she was a difference maker in Talia’s life

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