NASA Released Images Of The Process Of Earth’s Aging

Aging is definitely a not so happy process even for earth. It is something that is worrisome for everyone. Be it humans or the earth itself. It is true that over the period of time, a lot of rivers have changed its course and a number of valleys have eroded. Weathers around the world have changed to a huge extent but when it comes to the aging process of earth, humans have played a huge role in changing the personality and looks of the earth. Time and again, humans have damaged the nature and these pictures released by NASA definitely reaffirms this believe.

  1. Summer 1917 and Summer 2005 in Pedersen Glacier, Alaska

  1. These two pictures of Area Sea of Central Asia are definitely shocking to say the least. One was taken in August 2000 while the other one was taken in August 2014.

  1. The famous lake of Oroville in California completely dried up from July 2010 to August 2016.

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