New Research Suggests That Major Illnesses Like Cancer, Diabetes And Obesity Can Be Cured By Frozen Lemons

Lemons are a god send. They are the most beneficialcitrus fruit there as they provide vitamin c which enhances our immune system and helps us in many other ways.

According to some research dangerous desires like cancer can also be treated by them. Cancers of 12 different kind can be cured by tis little yellow fruit along with other life threatening desires.

Lemons to the rescue

DrMarlyn who is an expert on women’s health gives you the proof

Most of the antioxidants included in fruits are included in the peel of the pith rather than the pulp. Smoothie is far better than a juice, since you can consume the whole fruit including the peel and you will not throw away a single nutrient from the fruit”

If that wasn’t enough, it is said that frozen lemons are even better

The frozen lemon allows you to store it for a longer time in your body and utilize it better and it eliminates the bitter taste which you get while eating it

To freeze lemons wash them with vinegar and pat them dry. After that leave them in the freezer overnight. You can also place them in an ice cube tray by slicing them.

The frozen lemons are cleaner and easier to work with.

Source : elitereaders

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