No These Pictures Weren’t Photo-shopped. We’ll Tell You Why?

In the 21st century it gets highly difficult at times to know what is real and what is not. Since the inception of internet and Photoshop, every now and then we fooled ourselves into thinking that something we saw on the internet was real and days later someone would tell us that it was not. Indeed it breaks your heart. Following are some of the pictures that we found on the internet which look highly amusing and makes you ask a question to yourself? Are these pictures photo-shopped? We’ll tell you they are not. And we’ll also tell why.

  1. Well indeed the picture looks pretty fancy and fascinating to the extent of unreal but it is an unedited picture. The picture was captured in Antarctica. Someone threw hot water into the air and the scene ended up looking like this.

  1. We won’t judge you. Indeed this picture looks highly bizarre and it really gets difficult to understand that what is actually happening in this picture but this picture is also real. If you see this picture upside down, you’ll get it. We recommend you try it once.

  1. Even when we saw this picture, we thought either it’s a digital painting or an artwork made of water colors. Well as much as we want to deny the reality, this picture is real and was photographed in the sand dunes of Namib Desert of Namibia.

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