Nuclear Bomb Is The Deadliest Weapon On Earth But You Can Survive It! Click Here Ad Find Out

Dropping a nuclear bomb is a big deal or it was a big deal but now the world is controlled by very weird people who are just stupid. With Donald Trump pushing for a new arms treaty, Russia buffing its nuclear arsenal and North Korea developing a new long range missile the world is not safe

So one day one of these counties decide to go all coo coo and the world gets into a nuclear was as a result the world is doomed but you can survive a nuclear blast.

According to Michel Dillon (a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Researcher) you can survive a nuclear attack

Avoid fallout rotations by knowing where the wind blows

You need to get as fast away from the material or the residue that will come as a result of the blast. So you need to know where the wind will take the residue

You need to have some heavy material

You need solid concrete in your walls or go to the basement wen the strike comes make sure the walls are strong and that there are no windows there.


Dillon developed a very good model which showed you strategies you can opt for if an attack comes

If you are in the safe house stay there until the rescue people come and take you to a better place

If you are 5 minutes away when the missile flies in just run as fast as you can to the safe house

If you are 15 minutes away wait at the nearby rescue spot and after an hour run towards your safe house.

Nuclear bomb is by far the most dangerous weapon in the world and let’s just hope we don’t see a nuclear war.

Source : elitereaders

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