Old Chinese Remedy Will Help Release Stress.

Technology has taken over for the past couple of years now on the medical industry but that doesn’t mean that old remedies are out of this world. Chinese medicine is almost 2500 years old but is still used in many parts of the world for healing different things. Using it to release stress is very popular around the world

Near the beast bone there is a pressure point called the CV 17. If you find it get ready for a ride

How CV 17 helps you heal your body

Sit against a wall so you can keep your spine very straight. Use your thumb knuckle to apply pressure on that specified area. Keep doing it as long as you feel comfortable. There are three points you should always remember when doing this exercise

  1. The poster is very important keep your body straight so that your lungs are filled with maximum air
  2. Focus when you breathe, this will help you get negative energy out of your body. Close your eyes while you do that
  3. Keeping your head straight will make it more effective and make the breathing process easy

Performing 3 times a day, will keep your heart rate stable. This exercise can help people against depression, PTSD, hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue and help you recover quickly after an injury or surgery

Source: tapoos

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