One of Aqua World Aquarium’s Sharks Recently Turned Cannibalistic.

We all have seen all the sequels of Jaws and are well aware about the fact that sharks are scary and are anything but friendly. Recently the staff members of a Japanese Aquarium faced a nightmare when they got to know that one of their sharks had turned cannibalistic.

There was panic all over at the Aqua World Aquarium in Oarai, Japan when one of their staff member saw a 2.8 meter sand tiger shark eating its fellow whitetip reef shark who was of around 1.6 meter.

Staff members later revealed that the sand tiger shark wasn’t eating properly since weeks. Now they are skeptical about which other sharks to put in that shark tank with the sand tiger shark.

They are also worried if visitors would still come to the Aquarium after this incident.

Source : providr

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