Homeless People Given Cameras And Took Photos.

An organization known as ‘Café Art’ started a project last year to empower homeless people. The project revolved around giving disposable cameras to the homeless people in London and were asked to take pictures. They were also given a theme known as ‘My London’ to take photographs. The best photos were featured in 2016’s calendar.

Since then a lot of other cities around the world like Sydney, Sao Paulo, Budapest and New Orleans. We have also been told that Toronto is also planning a photography contest on the same theme.

The same organization, Café Art held the same competition for this year as well, on the same theme ‘My London’. The winners of the competition were revealed last week.

  1. A Graffiti art picture taken by Saffron Saidi.

  1. A group exercise taken by Siliana.

  1. A picture of piles of tyre by Mia Lyons.

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