Owl Formed A Strong Friendship With The Man Who Saved Her!

It is always heartwarming when we see animals bonding with humans. One such bird recently bonded with a man who saved her life.

GiGi, a horned owl who had been hit by a car and was almost on the verge of dying met a man who saved her life.

When the horned owl, GiGi first came to Mississippi’s Wild at Heart Rescue, she was highly injured after getting hit by a car.

She suffered from a concussion, parasites, and also had a condition called aspergillosis which is more like pneumonia.

The bird also lost a lot of weight.

Missy Dubuisson, the director and founder of Wild at Heart said, “This bird was one of the most critical we have ever taken care of, the fact that the bird has lived is beyond comprehension.”

Douglas Doug Pojeky who is also known as the ‘birds of prey whisperer’ was assigned to treat the little bird GiGi. Missy Dubuisson said that she has working with birds of prey since long but she has never met anyone like Douglas.

Doug worked day and night for GiGi’s betterment and the bird started showing signs of progress. The bird was almost on her deathbed and from that she went to eating on her own.

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