Patrick Stewart Is In Love. And You Should See With Whom!

Someone like Patrick Stewart needs no introduction. The British actor is well known for his legendary roles in Star Trek and X-Men. The actor recently shared a video on his social media platforms where he is shown meeting his new foster pup called ‘Ginger.’

Stewart’s new foster pup is a pit bull.

Stewart has had other pet dogs as well but a pit bull is new for him. It is good to see celebrities of his stature adopting pit bulls because usually there is a misconception regarding pit bulls that these dogs are highly aggressive and not good as pets.

Since the adoption of the pit bull, Patrick Stewart has shared numerous cute pictures and videos of the dog.

The videos and pictures shared on Stewart’s twitter is a prove that pit bulls are quite sweet and of loving nature and people usually misunderstand them.

Watch the full video below and let us know what you think about it.

Source : boredpanda

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