People Laughed At, Made Fun Of Him When He Decided To Stay Behind And Build A Dam But He Is The One Laughing Now.

When the government authorities asked the people to evacuate their house because a flood was on the horizon, Randy Wagner decided to stay behind because he hated the hustle of moving to a shelter and then go through the pain of investing in repairing his house.

So he started surfing the internet for solutions and finally discovered Aqua Dam.

Randy of Rosharon Texas was laughed at by his neighbors for building a dam but he is the one who had the last laugh

Aqua dam is 400 foot plastic wall and is similar to a big sand bag around the house. While it was a lot of work to build the dam but it was all worth it in the end as his house was picture perfect aster the dam.

So how much did he save?

According to ho the total cost of the aqua dam is $8,300 and the cost of repairing a house after a flood is about $ 150,000. So he saved about $141,700.

His interview is below

After all this he can laugh at a few people and scream I told you so. People will call him an ass but well they did it first.

I think the sight of him sitting in his yard enjoying his house is enough of a revenge.

Source : elitereaders

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