Photographer Labels C Section “Removal” And Everyone Is Just Ripping Him Into Shreds And Rightly So!

For reasons unknown, there’s a little gathering of individuals who trust that if a lady has a C-area, she never really conceived an offspring since it’s the “path of least resistance.” Obviously, this is add up to mistaken and there are a wide range of reasons a few mothers need to have a C-segment. In a crisis circumstance, they can spare the life of mother and kid, and be much more harming and agonizing than customary birth.

Sanctimommy is a Facebook people group where mothers share the odd remarks they get online for doing typical mother stuff that shouldn’t be an issue. As of late, one part chose to share the finish of a discussion she got into with her introduction to the world picture taker after they wiped out on her since she was having a C-area.



It’s not so hard to see that the reaction was not very cheerful

“This infuriates me and I can’t even make a joke,” one commeter wrote. “Sorry I didn’t just let us both die after 18 hours of trying.

More comments rained in

“This photographer would need surgery to remove my foot from his ass.”

Some people tried but couldn’t find logic with this miserable theory

“So C-section babies don’t have birthdays then I guess, since they are never born.”

“Happy Removal Day to you! Happy Removal Day to you! Happy Removal Day to my children, who I obviously don’t love enough to have a working vagina for.”

Some were just trying to work out that how he still gets work

“I’d hate to know what the photographer would say if she’d been hired to photograph the conception, and found out the mom had taken the easy way out with IVF. Cutting corners!”

Another mother wondered how she was going to break the news to her daughter: “I’m in Pinterest hell planning my daughter’s mermaid “birth”day party right now. I’ll break it to her gently that it will now have to be a mermaid surgically removed day party. Goddamn it. Now I have to make a new banner.”

Childbirth is no competition and who ever think that the C section is an easy way out is welcome to try.

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